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What You Need to Know: Successfully Applying for the USDA RUS-DLT Grant

The USDA RUS-DLT Grant enables you to bring better primary care to more people. In this informative webinar, Joe Brennan, Senior Director of Provider Solutions at TytoCare, is joined by Dana Satterwhite, Grants Manager at grants consulting company Learn Design Apply. 

Watch the webinar to learn best practices for submitting a successful USDA RUS-DLT Grant application and get valuable tips on how to improve your chances of winning. Learn how to maximize grant funding with TytoCare’s Pro Smart Clinic – the all-in-one on-site virtual care solution. 

In this webinar:

  • Hear best practices and tips for securing your share of the $60 million in funding that will be awarded to this year’s USDA RUS-DLT Grant winners.
  • Learn how TytoCare brings better care access to more people, with remote physical exams that work better than traditional telehealth, while costing a fraction of the price.
  • Find out how previous USDA grant winners successfully attained funding with TytoCare, bringing primary care into schools and rural communities for accurate diagnoses, even with no clinician on site.
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