Community Health Centers

Increasing access to care in underserved communities with virtual care

Provide better and more accessible healthcare to community members, while meeting more patients and alleviating staff shortages. The Home and Pro Smart Clinic solutions let you close care gaps and provide quality care from anywhere with remote physical exams.

Better care, lower costs, satisfied members


utilization rate compared to traditional telehealth


more conditions diagnosed remotely


higher utilization than A/V telehealth 


of visits resolved remotely

Providing care no matter where your community is

  • Expanding access in schools 

    TytoCare is being used in 3,000+ schools across the country to enable Community Health Centers to create more access points in their communities and expand their reach.
  • Rural & underserved communities

    TytoCare helps expand access to quality virtual care in rural areas with low bandwidth. Community Health Centers use TytoCare to connect specialists to local or rural clinics, create more access points without building more facilities, and maximized
  • Visiting nurses, MAs, CHWs  

    Our partners use TytoMobile to enable their travel nurse teams to conduct remote physical exams for home health patients and senior living facilities. For areas with limited internet access, we provide cellular-enabled iPads so clinicians can provide care in remote locations.

TytoCare works with FQHCs across the country

“The provider on the other end of that screen is getting a real time view of that so it would be as if I were sitting in front of them in person and they were looking at that themselves.”

Brandi Adkins, Clinical Manager for the Emergency Department at Pikeville Medical Center

Using funds awarded through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) COVID-19 Telehealth Program, the Great Plains Health Data Network (GPHDN) is assisting six of the participating health centers to improve patient care via telehealth by partnering with TytoCare.
“Our program grew rapidly. In the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, we had 89 students from one school enrolled in telehealth services. By the end of that school year, we had four schools enrolled. In 2019, our providers saw 49 students. As of today, we have 534 students from seven schools enrolled.”

Racheall Langacher, Director of Rural Health Clinics at Greene County General Hospital, working with the Great Plains Health Data Network (GPHDN)