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Providing Better Access to Care with Hybrid Multi-Modality Programs

Health insurance providers across the United States are investing in a continuous effort to provide better access to care to those they insure. This can be challenging when providing coverage to members with both public and private health insurance. Increasingly, they are finding that one size does not fit all, and are working to develop a broader variety of services and plans that address different populations with their various pain points and needs.

In this discussion, we hear from Dr. Joshua Elder, Senior Vice President, Digital and Virtual Health Practice Medical Director at Highmark Health, and Laura Messineo, Vice President of Virtual Health at Highmark Health. They share their strategies for providing hybrid multi-modality programs which enable them to address the breadth of requirements that their populations face, and discussing how primary care at home is the next step in ensuring access to care no matter where their members are based and what medical needs they may have.

Viewers learn about:

  • Building cross-modality health plans
  • Providing better access to care for members no matter where they are based
  • How primary care at home can offer solutions across populations and modalities