TytoCare lowers costs and improves outcomes


ED diversion

reducing preventable ER and urgent care visits


of visits resolved remotely

with no follow-up visits, redundant visits, or readmissions


NPS score

creating more satisfied patients and increased user retention



compared to traditional telehealth, for more effective care

Solving the Home Health Delivery GapTM

Traditional telehealth solutions leave the home ill-equipped to deliver care comparable to an in-person visit. This Home Health Delivery GapTM leaves our daily lives disconnected from healthcare.

We believe there is no reason why meeting a doctor remotely from home should be any less effective than in the clinic. Solving the Home Health Delivery GapTM means lower TCC, higher quality of care, better healthcare outcomes, and higher member satisfaction.

Across care modalities and population cohorts

No matter whether you are a Medicaid MCO or ACO, or a value-based provider looking for better primary care access for your patients, the TytoCare device is easy-to-use, letting your members access virtual care from home with no compromises.

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Benefits of remote physical exams

Reduce avoidable cost of care

through remote physical exams that divert ED visits and readmissions

Advance healthcare access and equity

with timely, convenient care for underserved populations

Improve performance and quality indicators

that impact top-line revenue

Improve satisfaction ratings

by offering quality care that addresses members’ needs

Access a new clinical and exam data source

to inform risk stratification

Primary care at home and on-site

For the entire family at home

Home Smart Clinic solution Home Smart Clinic solution

Your providers
using the TytoCare clinician platform

and on-site clinics from anywhere

Pro Smart Clinic Solutions Pro Smart Clinic Solutions

Your providers
using the TytoCare clinician platform

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Changing the face telehealth as we know it

TytoHome device


Traditional Telehealth

Traditional Telehealth

24/7 access
Remote temperature check
Remote lung exams
Remote ear exams
Remote heart sounds
Remote throat exams
Remote abdomen sounds
Remote skin exams

Join the new age of primary care, with no compromises.

Make the home the preferred place for families to access quality primary care they can trust with no compromises, no inconvenience, and no inefficiencies.