TytoCare receives FDA clearance for its AI-powered Tyto InsightsTM   for Wheeze Detection
to ensure diagnostic accuracy from home with the Home Smart Clinic. Read more here

Primary care from home, with no compromises

Finally, families all over the world can have access to excellent and affordable healthcare with the Home Smart Clinic, that delights users and offers convenience, comfort, and control.

Solving the Home
Health Delivery GapTM

Audio/video telehealth solutions leave the home ill-equipped to deliver care comparable to an in-person visit. This Home Health Delivery GapTm leaves our daily lives disconnected from healthcare.

We believe there is no reason why meeting a doctor remotely from home should be any less effective than in the clinic. Solving the Home Health Delivery GapTm means lower TCC, higher quality of care, better healthcare outcomes, and higher member satisfaction.

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Finally, families everywhere can enjoy the best remote primary care we all deserve.

The Home Smart Clinic:

All the care of the doctor, from the comfort of home

The Home Smart Clinic enables remote physical exams by clinicians, regardless of where you are or what condition you have – acute or chronic.

It removes the barriers that prevented the home from being a place where quality primary care can be consumed. Primary care can now be delivered and consumed from home, with no compromises.

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Who we serve


Health plans

We work with health plans to delight members, improve health outcomes and control costs.



We work with healthcare providers to increase access to care and improve quality performance indicators.

Meet your key business metrics with the
Home Smart Clinic


more conditions diagnosed

remotely and accurately than with traditional audio/video telehealth


NPS score

creating more satisfied patients and increased user retention


of visits resolved remotely

for improved quality of care and higher performance indicators



compared to traditional telehealth, for more effective care

Trusted around the world

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NPS score

Across care modalities

Provide better healthcare with innovative, cost-effective, efficient telehealth with fully remote physical exams.

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Address common, acute conditions

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Partner with those you serve to maintain and improve their level of health

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Make remote quality care a valuable part of preventive care programs

Join the new age of primary care, with no compromises.

Make the home the preferred place for families to access quality primary care they can trust with no compromises, no inconvenience, and no inefficiencies.