Your Medicare and Medicaid populations deserve the best quality care from home

TytoCare and United Healthcare work together to advance health equity, address SDOH gaps, and reduce health disparities.

TytoCare advances health equity and addresses SDOH gaps


more conditions diagnosed

remotely and accurately than with traditional audio/video telehealth


visits solved remotely

for improved quality of care and higher performance indicators


NPS score

creating more satisfied members and increased user retention

Helping Medicaid families access care

TytoCare is proud to be working with Elevance Health’s Amerigroup, another key partner in our quest to improve care access and health equity for all populations.

Amerigroup’s members include many families with young children who frequent the ER due to recurring illnesses such as ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and sore throats. These ER visits are costly, stressful, and lead to poorer health outcomes.

TytoCare offers families a preferable alternative to repeated ER visits. Using TytoCare, Amerigroup members can carry out remote physical exams from the comfort of home. TytoCare offers Amerigroup members and all our partners an innovative solution that removes barriers, simplifies healthcare, and reduces health disparities.

Treating seniors remotely for better healthcare

TytoCare’s AI-enabled FDA-cleared solution is the only proven solution to enable real remote physical exams, for better virtual care no matter who needs it.

The Home Smart Clinic improves access to care for Medicare populations

Hear from Josh Hofmeyer, Vice President and General Manager of Senior Care Services at Avel eCare, on how they are treating seniors on-site for better healthcare with remote physical exams.

Joint TytoCare and United Healthcare programs