Because healthcare shouldn’t have limits…

Everyone should have access to healthcare. Together with our partners, we are actively trying to increase access to care across the globe. Our TytoCareS giveback program takes this one step further – giving patients access to care when they need it most, even where there are geographic limitations and a lack of healthcare infrastructure.

With TytoCare, clinicians can remotely support people that need access to healthcare. With a device that actually lets you remotely listen to hearts and lungs, and remotely examine ears and throats, remote physical exams with TytoCare provide healthcare access to underserved communities around the world.

With our partners by our side, we are pushing the boundaries of care and reaching underserved populations around the globe.

Could TytoCare help you?

Learn how you and your organization can give back to underprivileged communities with TytoCare.

This is what TytoCareS is all about:


Ukraine – TytoCare donated to Sheba Medical Center’s field hospital in Ukraine. Novant Health donated 300 devices to communities in Ukraine struggling to access healthcare.


Chad – Together with Israeli Flying Aid, TytoCare donated devices to an orphanage in Chad, one of the world’s poorest countries.


Mexico – TytoCare works with Beam Healthcare and the Beam Up charity to offer better access to healthcare for orphanages in Tijuana.


Chile – Together with partner Vitaltec, the community of San Bernando in rural Chile has better access to care with TytoCare devices.

TytoCare helping around the world