The school smart clinic that replicates doctor’s exams

Use remote physical exams to examine and diagnose – even with no clinician on-site. More reach and awareness for a fraction of the price of traditional carts.

Child ear exam at school

Reach more patients and meet school healthcare KPIs


visit resolution

fully remotely, with no need for in-person follow-up appointment


of students

returned to class after a TytoCare exam, minimizing absenteeism and improving educational outcomes


more conditions diagnosed

remotely and accurately than with traditional audio/video telehealth

Offer on-site care at more school sites

Remote physical exams work both synchronously and asynchronously to enable on-the-spot clinical session or the option to review exam data later on.


Use TytoCare to connect with a clinic from the school

TytoCare in hand

Initiate virtual exam with remote clinician


Clinician diagnoses student and recommends next steps


Benefits of TytoCare for school telehealth

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Increase brand awareness and competitive advantage

to acquire new customers and retain existing ones

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Better access to care

by serving a broader segment of the population with the same budget

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Increase operational efficiency

with an easily implemented, cost-effective on-site solution

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Our products

Diagnose and treat patients no matter where they are, with a cost-effective and easy-to-use on-site solution.


Designed for professional-to-professional use, TytoPro lets clinicians extend the reach of their specialists to home and on-site clinics. With TytoPro, clinicians can conduct a remote medical exam, obtain a second opinion, or have specialist consults.


Turn any remote point of care location, such as employee work sites, retail clinics, schools or nursing facilities, into a comprehensive yet affordable telehealth clinic.

Changing the face of telehealth as we know it

TytoHome setup


Traditional Telehealth

Traditional Telehealth

24/7 access
Remote temperature check
Remote lung exams
Remote ear exams
Remote heart sounds
Remote throat exams
Remote abdomen sounds
Remote skin exams

Join the new age of primary care, with no compromises.

Make the home the preferred place for families to access quality primary care they can trust with no compromises, no inconvenience, and no inefficiencies.