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Virtual medical exams just got even better

TytoCare is on a mission to make outstanding medical care accessible to anyone, anywhere. That’s why we’re constantly adding new features and capabilities to our virtual exam kit that make it easier than ever for health systems, insurers, and healthcare organizations worldwide to provide patients with clinic-quality telehealth visits. Our latest update, powered by Amazon Chime, includes several helpful new video features detailed below, as well as the ability to conduct remote visits on any tablet, including iPads.

Patient support with multi-party calls

Many patients need support in healthcare. For seniors, it can be helpful to have a family member present to facilitate interaction with the care provider and ensure follow-up.  When a patient’s first language isn’t the same as the doctor’s, a proficient translator can be critical to their care. That’s why we added multi-party calling options so patients can access the support they need in real-time during the exam.

The feature enables patient support that isn’t always possible in an in-person visit.  For example, if a child is ill and both parents can’t be in the same physical location, they can now both participate in the exam and interact with the doctor.  The same is true for a family member who lives far away from a loved one. It even improves translation support—patients often wait for hours at a clinic or doctor’s office for a translator to arrive. In other cases, a local translator cannot be located at all, limiting patient-physician communication.

Better communication with screen sharing

The update allows clinicians to share their screens with patients during the exam on the app. This feature enhances transparency and makes virtual visits much more like in-person visits. Patients can see exactly what a doctor is referring to when explaining the exam results, and patients can better understand their condition and follow along throughout the appointment.

Cutting-edge security enhancements

TytoCare has implemented top security protocols in our device and app from Day One. Our exam data is always sent via an encrypted, secure network and stored on our HIPAA-compliant cloud. Only you and your healthcare provider can determine who can access your medical records.

As security technology develops, we continue to add advanced new security features. Through Amazon Chime, the current update is protected by the AWS global network security procedures and benefits from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations active today. Messages, voice, video, and content are encrypted using sophisticated AES 256-bit encryption for top security and privacy.

Get top-quality care any time, anywhere

TytoCare is committed to delivering top-quality medical care 24/7, wherever you need it. With new features like multi-party calls and screen share, it’s more like an in-person visit than ever. Or maybe it’s even better…