Insights on the Future of Telehealth from TytoCare’s 2021 Virtual Summit

TytoCare’s 2021 Virtual Summit “Entering the Era of Telehealth 2.0 – More than just video,” spotlighted some of our partners’ most inspiring, innovative, and game-changing telehealth strategies — from harnessing TytoCare for schools, senior care, and remote patient monitoring, to breaking down barriers to healthcare access by providing rural communities with our pioneering telehealth offering. We enjoyed our Q&A session, in which we answered audience questions on everything from TytoCare’s product roadmap to how our partners can customize their TytoCare experience.

In his opening keynote, former U.S. Secretary of Veterans of Affairs and TytoCare advisory board member Dr. David Shulkin walked us through the 13 stages of telehealth and discussed how TytoCare is ushering in a new generation of advanced, AI-driven telehealth.

You won’t want to miss his insider’s view on how telehealth has rapidly evolved since his days as VA secretary, when Dr. Shulkin identified telehealth as a key way to enhance care for American military veterans, through today, with TytoCare’s industry-leading devices and technology bringing what he calls “a new stage in the development of telehealth.”

When we launched TytoCare nearly a decade ago, we knew that telehealth had the potential to be much more than an add-on service. We knew that with the right technology and a deep understanding of clinical needs, telehealth could revolutionize healthcare as we knew it — cutting costs, improving access, boosting efficiency, and enhancing the overall quality of care.

We’ve racked up some impressive results along the way — more than 160,000 users, a 95% satisfaction rate, a 60% reduction in ER and urgent care visits among users, and telehealth visits that are four times shorter on average than outpatient care appointments — and we’re not slowing down.

Our Head of Product, Ophir Lotan, offered an exciting glimpse at what’s to come, including upgrades to our Clinician Dashboard, enhancements to our EHR integration with Epic Systems, and how TytoCare aims to become a one-stop-shop for at-home medical services.

If you missed any of our sessions, you can watch the full summit here at any time.

Meanwhile, if you’re a non-profit healthcare leader looking to seize the opportunities of Telehealth 2.0,  set up a free consultation with our telehealth consultants, who can help get your program started.

Lastly, a huge thanks to everyone who made our summit possible. We’re excited for what’s next and we couldn’t ask for better partners along the journey!