How Tyto Care Is Using AI to Launch the Next Generation of Telehealth

Big Data, artificial intelligence, and telehealth are reshaping the future of healthcare – ushering in a new era of efficiency, convenience, and effective, personalized care. But what happens when these trends converge?

Look no further than Tyto Care’s AI-powered diagnostic support solution.

Launched in October 2020, the solution detects abnormalities in remote lung exams such as wheezing, stridor, and crackles. It will also soon be used to flag problems in throat exams like exudates, throat redness, and swollen tonsils.

Leveraging algorithms based on data from more than 450,000 remote TytoCare exams – including videos, sounds, and images – as well as extensive information derived from clinical literature, the diagnostic support tool is more than just a telehealth product. It is a prime example of how Big Data and AI are making telehealth work better for patients and doctors by delivering the advanced insights needed for accurate, timely remote diagnoses.

Telehealth 2.0

Telehealth has provided a lifeline to patients and providers during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing individuals to receive care from the comfort of their own homes, without risking infection in healthcare facilities.

But telehealth can do a lot more than facilitate remote physical examinations.

Armed with AI, care providers can more effectively triage cases and make better-informed remote diagnoses. As telehealth gives way to telediagnosis, patients will have access to better guidance tools and will eventually be able to self-diagnose, while doctors can alleviate bottlenecks in remote caseloads and focus on the most urgent cases.

It’s Only the Beginning

For all that telehealth has already done to make healthcare safer, more accessible, and more convenient, its true potential is only just beginning to be realized. Diagnostic solutions at the remote point of care will significantly expand the scope of telehealth – making at-home diagnosis a reality for patients around the globe.

Collecting hundreds of thousands of data points since securing FDA approval for our remote exam device in 2017, Tyto Care has amassed the data and technological infrastructure necessary to power the next phase of telehealth innovation. And with FDA clearance for our AI-powered diagnostic support solution expected this year, we are thrilled that patients and doctors alike will soon be reaping the benefits.

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