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Study finds TytoCare’s telehealth exams on par with those in-clinic

Connected medical devices designed for remote telehealth may be just as effective as conventional instruments during some examinations, a recent study has determined. In a study of 137 children aged 2 to 18 who were seeking care from the emergency department of a tertiary care facility, doctors at Schneider Children’s Medical Center and Sackler School of Medicine in Tel Aviv evaluated the use of digital health company TytoCare’s handheld device and telehealth tools in comparison to physicians using conventional examination tools like stethoscopes or otoscopes. “The results are clear – examination findings achieved with TytoCare are on par with those reached by conventional examination tools,” Dr. Yehezkel Waisman, Director of Emergency Medicine at Scheinder and one of the study’s leaders, said in a statement. “Beyond that, the quality of the readings as well as the overall user experience received positive ratings from physicians, a great testament to the solution’s promise to provide accurate and confident diagnoses via telehealth technology.” Click here to read more.