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Junto Profile: Tyto Care

Telehealth. It’s the hottest topic in the healthcare and technology sphere at this moment. Countless companies are attempting to jump on the bandwagon and it has almost become a race to see who can get their platform out to users first. Plenty of great contenders have entered the field and are attempting to a gain a sizable market share, but one of our favorites so far in telehealth has been Tyto Care. Designing any application or device with children in mind can be a challenge. Not only are you dealing with items that must be scaled down from adult sizes, but you also must create a product that can be comfortably and easily used by parents and caregivers. Tyto Care has managed to tow that line with their launch of a comprehensive telehealth solution that combines an advanced, consumer-friendly digital stethoscope, otoscope, thermometer and examination camera with a secure data exchange, clinical repository and live telehealth visits. This allows a face-to-face visit in a doctor’s office to be closely replicated in the home environment, which is a missing link that many telehealth applications commonly face criticism over Just last week, Tyto Care also released an announcement regarding their partnership with one of Junto Health’s own members, Allied Physicians Group. Tyto Care’s platform will now be made available to all patients of Allied Physicians, which is an incredible step in the integration of telehealth with traditional health systems. In the initial rollout to members, first access will be given to patients with chronic conditions or who face barriers of getting into the office. This is a demonstration of the true potential of telehealth to disrupt the healthcare market. The CEO and Co-Founder of Tyto Care, Dedi Gilad, spent some time speaking with us about his reason for developing Tyto Care and the future of the company.