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The future of primary care at home is here, with TytoCare’s Home Smart Clinic, for trusted care from home with no compromises for the entire family.

TytoCare adds value to health plans with a handheld device that replicates doctors’ physical exams, regardless of where members are or whether their condition is acute or chronic.

Home smart clinic

TytoCare is easy for members to use and enables clinicians to remotely diagnose many common conditions. It provides clinicians with accurate exam data that ensures members receive the best remote diagnosis and treatment possible.

TytoCare encourages long-term patient engagement with your health plan, helping you retain and gain members. It minimizes ED visits, streamlining care and reducing costs. TytoCare provides robust data insights that better inform your business and actuarial decisions.

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The first 250 qualified applicants will be eligible to receive the evaluation kit. Applicants must work at a US health insurance company or healthcare provider organization.

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