Please review our reimbursement overview; there are a number of links to reimbursement laws in each state, as well as Medicare and Medicaid telehealth laws.

With Tyto you will be able to conduct multiple physical exams during a remote telehealth session and confidently diagnose more conditions, which should enable you to obtain a higher level of reimbursement. In payment-parity states you would be legally entitled to the same reimbursement as you would get for an in-office exam. In other states, high clinical quality telemedicine exams—such as on demand medical exams provided by Tyto—factor in significantly with payers when defining reimbursement policies.

Many payers already reimburse for home telehealth visits. These payment policies vary by state and by payer. Where payment policies support the home as an originating site, telehealth visits supported by examination tools that replicate the in-person visit, such as TytoCare, are more likely to receive higher reimbursement rates when documented in the record of the examination. For more information on reimbursement policies and state laws, and to view helpful links, please see our reimbursement overview.

Yes. The device is a reimbursable HSA and FSA expense. Additionally, certain health plans or providers may choose to reimburse or subsidize the device cost for select populations. For more information please reach out directly to your insurance provider.

Each Tyto device is calibrated fully during the manufacturing process. The only device that requires periodical calibration is the Tyto basal thermometer. Tyto will prompt you when calibration is necessary, and the process takes less than one minute to complete.

Using Tyto, you can perform the following exams on patients: (1) heart auscultations, (2) lung sounds, (3) stomach/GI sounds, (4) throat images/video, (5) ear images/video, (6) skin images, (7) body temperature, and (8) heart rate. TytoHome and TytoPro have a patented, high-quality digital camera for taking pictures and videos of the ear, throat, and skin; a digital no-touch infrared basal thermometer; a digital stethoscope with bell and diaphragm filtering capabilities; an otoscope; and a detachable, disposable tongue depressor. TytoClinic also comes with a blood pressure cuff and pulse oximeter. All Tyto products have open APIs so further exams can easily be added if needed.

Yes, all exam data capture, storage, and transmission is done so on a HIPAA-compliant platform.

All Tyto products require a smartphone or tablet and a Wi-Fi internet connection or hotspot. Physicians review exams, communicate with patients, and conduct live telehealth exams using the Clinician Dashboard, which runs on a standard browser on your laptop.

TytoPro is designed for professional use. It has an extended battery life and includes a headset for listening to heart and lung sounds, initial set of disposables for the otoscope and tongue depressor, and specific flexible software designed for clinician use. TytoPro can be used with an unlimited number of patients and can be integrated into clinician workflow and EHR systems. TytoHome is designed for less frequent use by consumers and has self-guidance software to ensure accuracy and ease of use.

TytoCare products have passed an extensive validation and verification process as part of the product release process. In addition, the products have passed multiple performance bench tests versus comparable devices to ensure similar or superior results. The Tyto Stethoscope is FDA cleared and all other devices comply with FDA requirements. Tyto also has the CE mark, Health Canada regulatory approval, and AMAR approval in Israel.